Stay lean while travelling?

Stay lean while travelling?

I love travelling. However, there was always this one thing that terrified me: getting out of shape and the post-travel depression! I abandoned my workouts and kept feeding myself during my travels in the past. Then, returning home from any trip was like “Argh, I have to start it all over again!”

During many years of my travel experience, I learned on the trip that it is possible to stay lean (or not to gain weight) and still be able to have a good time because I’m into self-care, at the same time, still doing what I enjoy, eating what I like while travelling.

Be active and have fun!

Going to the gym is definitely not the first thing that comes to my mind when I’m travelling. I prefer doing things like walking, hiking, and instead of relying on transportation to get me to the place which is only two stops away, I prefer to walk. Although it’s a vacation, I try to walk as much as I can while exploring around. You can even try to catch some Pokémon on the Go if you still have that app on your phone!

Plan your meals ahead of time!

Diet is not the word you want to hear while travelling. However, how we eat will account for 80% of how we look and feel! Therefore, I always look up for the available options beforehand and try to stick to simple meals. I would recommend eating real food most of the time and be aware of the liquid calories. Most importantly, stick to the vegetables, protein, some fruits and a bit of rice or potatoes, you’ll be fine.

Most importantly, be happy and enjoy your trip! Have a brief idea on what you’re eating, focus on consistently doing your best and you’re all good!

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