Post-holiday blues?

Post-holiday blues?

The summer holiday season is coming to an end. For some of us who just got back from holidays, having to get back to work or routine of daily life can be unpleasant.

You might be having difficulties getting out of bed, having trouble concentrating, losing interest in things and so on. However, do not worry as having post-holiday blues is more common than you may think.

Post-holiday blues can be overcome by following these tips.

Find things to look forward to

Find something you’re excited for. If you’re feeling low due to loneliness, start planning a time where you can get together again. Otherwise, plan something for you to do alone. All that matters is that you look forward to it.

Set goals

Whether your goal is to lose weight or read a book, having one can prevent feeling blue as you have something to put your energy into.

Practise self-care

We tend to eat poorly and skip our workouts during the holidays. So, after our holidays, try to get back to exercise, eat better and get enough sleep. This can improve overall health and can prevent post-holiday depression.

Get outside

Even if it is for a few minutes during your lunch break, spend some time outside in the fresh air will help.

Take it easy

Getting back on track takes a few weeks, so take it easy as you transition back to a normal routine.

You may be able to beat the post-holiday blues by making a few lifestyle changes, such as practising self-care and scheduling time with friends and family. If lifestyle changes aren’t relieving your symptoms after you return from the holiday season, consider reaching out to a mental health professional.

Don’t forget to always prioritise your health and happiness. Your future self will thank you for it!

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